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Why the Best Days of Open Hardware are Yet to Come « bunnie’s blog

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Recently, I gave a talk at the 2011 Open Hardware Summit. The program committee had requested that I prepare a “vision” talk, something that addresses open hardware issues 20-30 years out. These kinds of talks are notoriously difficult to get right, and I don’t really consider myself a vision guy; but I gave it my best shot. Fortunately, the talk was well-received, so I’m sharing the ideas here on my blog.


Currently, open hardware is a niche industry. In this post, I highlight the trends that have caused the hardware industry to favor large, closed businesses at the expense of small or individual innovators. However, looking 20-30 years into the future, I see a fundamental shift in trends that can tilt the balance of power to favor innovation over scale.

via Why the Best Days of Open Hardware are Yet to Come « bunnie’s blog.

If you can understand electronic and circuit schematic, this is pretty interesting.

Written by edparnell

September 22, 2011 at 9:50 pm

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