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Normally, we support hot women making love to men, especially if it’s the man’s dying wish. But this case gets very confusing. A fairly hot nurse falls for the terminally ill man in her care. The man not only has Lou Gehrig’s disease but only six months to live. They fall in love and she makes love to him hard in his wheelchair. Many times. Over and over. Hard. The man is a willing participant. Till approaching death do they part, right? Right. Until his wife gets involved. (record scratch)

The wife sees text messages. The man is busted. The nurse throws him a slider when she tells him she’s pregnant by another set of genitals that aren’t his. The man expresses his displeasure with the reproduction through the poetry of attempted suicide. Failing at that, he sues. Then drops the suit and dies. Now the nurse has lost her license for 20 yrs, the wife is without a husband, and the husband is without a life. And their two kids live with the legacy of those chaotic last few months of their parent’s marriage and their dad’s life. Messy, isn’t it?

via Gordon Keith.com.

There’s a wealth of comments on this on Gordons’ blog


Written by edparnell

November 13, 2011 at 1:18 am

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