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Gay unions Bill ‘a step to legal incest’ | Adelaide Now

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A BILL recognising same sex unions could be a slippery slope to laws allowing incest or polygamy, opponents have told a Queensland parliamentary committee.

Church representatives and groups opposing the legislation introduced by Deputy Premier Andrew Fraser have argued against the Bill during a public hearing in Brisbane on Tuesday.

Some argued the Bill could lead to other unions being recognised.

“If same sex couples can marry simply because they demand that right … why not allow polygamy, or groups of men or women to marry each other, or fathers to marry their daughters?” the head of the National Marriage Coalition Tempe (Tempe) Harvey said.

“There’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t open marriage up to incestuous relationships, any consenting adult relationships, relationships between groups of men, groups of women or whatever.

via Gay unions Bill ‘a step to legal incest’ | Adelaide Now.


Written by edparnell

November 14, 2011 at 2:27 am

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