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The last time Benjamin Barber saw Saif Qaddafi, in early December, they spent a cheerless evening together in London. Barber, a political scientist and board member of Saif’s Qaddafi International Charity and Development Foundation, was in town for a board meeting that was supposed to have taken place in Tripoli but, a week before, had been moved to England. Over an Italian dinner in Mayfair, he asked Saif why.

“I don’t feel comfortable in Tripoli,” the 38-year-old son of Colonel Muammar ­Qaddafi said. “I have too many enemies there right now.” Saif was in a desperate mood. For years he had pushed his way into his father’s chaotic political orbit, urging him to support reform in Libya. Muammar had obliged in the past—but recently he hadn’t. Allies of Saif’s had been arrested and businesses of his shut down. He had decamped and wasn’t sure he wanted to return. “He felt he was not welcome,” Barber says. “He’d been struggling for a long time.”

via The Good Bad Son.


Written by edparnell

November 20, 2011 at 9:36 pm

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