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Rick Steves’ Europe: Switzerland: Your Barn Door’s Open

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Strolling through a peaceful Swiss village — charming pastoral greens studded with rustic farmhouses between an alp and a lake — my friend walked with me to the door of a nondescript barn. He said, “Stand here,” and slid open the door to reveal a solitary mighty gun — pointing right at me. Crossing a field, kicking a stray soccer ball back to a group of happy grade-schoolers, we came to another barn. This time I noticed the “wooden” door was actually metal with a clever paint job. Inside was a military canteen, now selling snacks to civilians, and a steel ladder leading down into a military-gray world that felt like a vast submarine. A network of passages, just big enough for heavily armed soldiers to race down single file, led to a series of gun barns and subterranean command rooms with charts locating other installations in the area.

via Rick Steves’ Europe: Switzerland: Your Barn Door’s Open.


Written by edparnell

December 1, 2011 at 6:23 pm

Posted in Tourism

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