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Corduroy Buffs Turn Nov. 11 Into ‘Corduroy Appreciation Day’ (VIDEO)

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Think of corduroy and you get all sorts of visual images. Some might think of the greasy-haired 1970s-era stoners from movies like “Dazed And Confused” in their bell-bottomed light blue cords, while others might picture pipe-smoking preppy English professors who seduce grad students in a chocolate brown cord jacket with leather patches.

As disparate as both of those admittedly stereotypical descriptions seem, there is a common thread between folks who love corduroy according to fashion blogger and corduroy fan Brittany Martin.

“There is that ‘Dead Poets Society’ thing, but in a great way,” Martin told HuffPost Weird News. “I think corduroy appeals to people who want nostalgia and durability.”

They apparently also want a good time. At least on Nov. 11, which has been celebrated as “Corduroy Appreciation Day” since 2005 by a group called the Corduroy Appreciation Club.

Why Nov. 11? Well, when written out as 11/11, it resembles the familiar pattern of corduroy. Members consider this year’s Corduroy Appreciation Day to be the most important day in history because the number pattern 11/11/11 — or, as they prefer, 111111 — is the numerical pattern that most resembles the wales that give corduroy its unique look.

via Corduroy Buffs Turn Nov. 11 Into ‘Corduroy Appreciation Day’ (VIDEO).


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December 31, 2011 at 10:25 am

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