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Google Is Building Secret Hardware Testing Labs All Over Its Campus

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In case you needed any more evidence that Google is getting into the hardware business in a big way, the company is building at least two new labs to test hardware at its Mountain View headquarters, plus a 120,000 square foot “Experience Center” that will be used to show off its inventions to partners.

Mike Swift at the San Jose Mercury dug through public construction records and found the following:

A lab to test electronic devices under the Google/@home brand. Swift writes that one lab has “screens out radio frequency signals for a division labeled ‘Google/@home’ to test new wireless consumer technology.” Google is also building “thermal and anechoic chambers” that could be used to test antenna patterns. This matches could tie in with a report last week that Google is building a system that will let users stream music throughout their home. Google has also recently filed for several special permits with the FCC to test a new “entertainment device” and a new “personal communication device.”

via Google Is Building Secret Hardware Testing Labs All Over Its Campus.


Written by edparnell

February 13, 2012 at 9:24 pm

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