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The Worst Remembrances of Whitney Houston on the Internet

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Whitney Houston died on Saturday, and the internet quickly filled with remembrances and tributes. Some of them, despite the short turnaround, were smart and informative and moving: Rich Juzwiak’s terrific piece in The Daily, for example. And some of them were so stupid we had to collect them for you.

People on the internet sure like to talk about themselves. We all do, especially when someone famous dies: if you didn’t know Whitney Houston personally, how else do you remember her except through the concert you went to, or the time “I’m Every Woman” came on the radio, or the moment you heard about her death? And, of course, some people can write movingly and well about their personal experiences, and weave those memories together with enough insight and understanding to connect their individual lives to something larger and more important — something worth saying.

via The Worst Remembrances of Whitney Houston on the Internet.


Written by edparnell

February 13, 2012 at 9:38 pm

Posted in Dumb, Not News

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