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Kate Humble quits Springwatch after seven years | Metro.co.uk

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Kate will not be presenting the next series of Springwatch, but former Really Wild Show host Michaela Strachan will join fellow hosts Martin Hughes-Games and Chris Packham on the series.

The BBC said in a statement: ‘We are delighted Michaela will be joining Chris and Martin.’

However, the BBC have insisted Kate could still return to Springwatch and its sister show Autumnwatch in the future.

The explained: ‘Kate is still very much a part of the Springwatch and Autumnwatch team and presented our Winterwatch special last month.’

Kate recently admitted she ‘never’ wanted TV to take over her life and she would happily stop working in the industry if job offers dried up.

She said: ‘TV is a fantastic job but I have never wanted it to be my life. It’s also a job that you have very little control over. It can be all or nothing. At this point I don’t know how my year is going to pan out. That’s exciting, frustrating and nerve-racking.

‘The types of TV I’m being asked to do I’d be an idiot to turn down because it’s wonderful stuff. But if I get to the stage where I’m not being offered that stuff and it’s a choice of being on the telly or on the farm, the farm would win every time.

‘The reality is I’m either not going to want telly or telly is not going to want me. I’m not going to start sobbing into my beer because I’m getting older and old women don’t get on the telly. It’s just a fact.’

via Kate Humble quits Springwatch after seven years | Metro.co.uk.


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March 9, 2012 at 1:32 am

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