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Mcphereson The Return of Galaxy Log!

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Scanning through the myriad emails and messages, I notice one from Peter Nayland-Goathe, a old and wily man and dare I say, a friend. Although he has not been in touch recently, not since the end of Galactic Log, he brought glad tidyings. Apparently they are thinking of bringing back GL for whole new generation.

For those who don’t know Galactic Log was one of the most innovative Sci Fi shows ever made. It had a cult following in the 1980s, and to enhance it’s exclusive and on the edge style, it has never featured in any sci-fi convention, and wouldn’t do even if we were invited. The reviews were mixed for it, it seems the critics just ‘didn’t get it’. One that stands out in my mind was ‘Galactic Log should be renamed “there’s nothing on BBC2 either”‘. A trifle unkind.

In the series I played Vorbilon, a Spand from the planet Squirb, who had been recruited into the United Kingdom of Planets partly because his own planet and star system was burnt up in a supernova and partly because of the luncheon vouchers.

Sadly Vorbilon was struck dumb by an alien crumb ray in the second episode, so I had to convey the angst, loneliness and desperation of my character using only my physical perspicacity and rubber tendrils.

I am to meet Nayland-Goathe tomorrow – the 15th. I shall keep you informed.

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Red Squirrel UK | Flickr – Photo Sharing!

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Red Squirrel UK | Flickr – Photo Sharing!.

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