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What Happened to the Hearty Russian? | DayRiffer

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For all the tsuris and political, economic and cultural heartache Russia and Russians have suffered over the last, oh, century, one thing we could count on from the average Russian (American perception) was a certain kind of inner fortitude: They were not easily beaten down, or coerced into thinking something they didn’t believe (though they might have to parrot the party line). They were awesome athletes, amazing musicians, formidable scientists. They were scary boxers and criminals. They were tough.

Now, all you need to do to rattle some of them is stage a protest for a few seconds; that’s what it takes, apparently, for “moral damage” to set in. Irina Ruzankina, who didn’t even view the now-infamous Pussy Riot protest live in the cathedral where it was staged but on TV, is suing the group for 30,000 roubles (equivalent to $930) because their “[b]reaching church canons was of detriment to the sacred values of Christian faith and an encroachment on the sacraments of the church, which deeply hurt my feelings and my senses.”

In other Russia-related wuss news: Madonna, who has “advocated against anti-gay legislation in St Petersburg, referring to a new law as a ‘ridiculous atrocity,’” is being sued by anti-gay activists, for the equivalent of $10 million, for “moral damages and suffering.”

via What Happened to the Hearty Russian? | DayRiffer.


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August 27, 2012 at 10:08 pm

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