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Standard Digital News : Lifestyle : Almost shot for ‘irrigating the nation’

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You have never been microwaved until you have been stuck in a jam in Mombasa for three hours, waiting for the ferry to resume ‘normal services’ because dockworkers are screaming ‘Haki Yetu!’ like everyone else in Kenya.

That was what happened to Mr and Mrs Ontita last Friday evening as we waited to cross over to South Coast for a friend’s wedding. While she hydrated with water, I cooled a parched throat with beer.

By the time we got into the ferry, my bladder was so close to ‘bursting’ that I was tempted to irrigate the sea, in the style of that ancient Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gamma, on his wild goose chase to ‘discover’ Africa.

But having been brought up not to pee into pools, showers and other aqua ducts, I restrained myself until we’d crossed into South Coast, then dashed behind some containers for sweet relief.

via Standard Digital News : Lifestyle : Almost shot for ‘irrigating the nation’.


Written by edparnell

November 13, 2012 at 10:22 pm

Posted in Crime, Dumb

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