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Frogs Make Horses Faster — Say What? – Science News – redOrbit

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Here’s one for the “weird” column…

Horse trainers have been allegedly juicing up their horses with a performance-enhancing drug with an interesting origin: a frog’s back.

As for how the connection was made between horse racing and frog jumping, the world may never know.

According to the New York Times, racing regulators had been hearing reports about this kind of activity happening in darkened stables, but after months of post-race testing, no trace of painkillers or PEDs could be found. That is, until a lab in Denver changed the way they tested for these drugs. Now, more than 30 horses from 4 states have tested positive for the froggy substance.

While trainers haven’t been formally charged, the race regulators expect it to happen sooner rather than later.

Called “dermorphin,” the frog juice is said to be 40 times more powerful than morphine, helping the horses run even faster.

As it’s such as potent drug, able to affect the outcome of a race, the regulators are saying the use of dermorphin could be considered one of the industry’s most serious drug violations.

Director of testing at Louisiana State University, Dr. Steven Baker, gave the New York Times the money-quote: “We hear about some pretty exotic stuff. Frog juice — this is exotic.”

While these kinds of drug scandals are (sadly) commonplace in other sports, such as baseball and football, this news comes as the industry is trying to separate themselves from this kind of behavior.

Try as they might, these latest accusations of frog juicing are just the latest in a long line of illegal PEDs which have been found in racetracks.

For instance, Cobra Venom has also been found in post-race tests. This venom is said to act as a nerve block, deadening any pain the horses may feel. The less pain a horse feels, the faster they are inclined to run.

via Frogs Make Horses Faster — Say What? – Science News – redOrbit.


Written by edparnell

November 15, 2012 at 8:51 pm

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