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Apple’s plan to wipe out disc drives is nearly complete | Apple – CNET News

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The disc drive is dead — or it\’s at least issuing a triumphant death rattle.

Not in PCs just yet, but certainly in Apple\’s Macs. Earlier this week Apple introduced updated versions of its MacBook Pro with Retina Display, alongside an all new Mac Pro. What wasn\’t updated was Apple\’s line of non-Retina MacBook Pros, the only Apple devices that were still sporting a disc drive. In fact, Apple axed the 15-inch version and trimmed the non-Retina line to a single, 13-inch machine. The company has whittled away at product lines like this in the past, and it\’s usually a sign of imminent extinction.

via Apple’s plan to wipe out disc drives is nearly complete | Apple – CNET News.


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October 28, 2013 at 4:22 am

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Celebrating Jane Henson (1934-2013)

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Celebrating Jane Henson (1934-2013).

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April 3, 2013 at 8:02 am

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‘Professional mourners’ available for UK funerals – Weird News – Digital Spy

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An Essex firm is offering a ‘professional mourner’ service for UK funerals.

According to the Daily Mail, Rent a Mourner will provide fake mourners, known as moirologists, in order to increase numbers at services.

The individuals in question are trained actors who specialise in public mourning and are briefed about the deceased before attending the funeral.

The service costs £45 for a two-hour service, and mourners will weep and talk to friends and family members.

Ian Robertson, founder of Rent a Mourner, explained: “We were actually inspired by the market growth in China. The Middle Eastern way is to provide wailers – crying women – as opposed to the quiet, dignified methods we use.”

He added: “It’s growing in the UK – our bookings are up 50% year on year.”

via ‘Professional mourners’ available for UK funerals – Weird News – Digital Spy.

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March 29, 2013 at 8:22 am

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Bon Jovi’s daughter arrested after overdose | Entertainment , Celebrities | THE DAILY STAR

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Rock star Jon Bon Jovi’s daughter was arrested in New York state on Wednesday on drug possession charges following a suspected heroin overdose, local police said.

Stephanie Bongiovi, 19, was found unresponsive in a dormitory room at Hamilton College in Clinton, New York from an alleged overdose and taken to a local medical facility, according to the Town of Kirkland Police Department.

Heroin and marijuana were found in the dorm room during a search, police said.

Bongiovi was later booked on misdemeanor charges of possession of a controlled substance (heroin), marijuana possession and criminal use of drug paraphernalia. She has since been released, police said.

via Bon Jovi’s daughter arrested after overdose | Entertainment , Celebrities | THE DAILY STAR.

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November 14, 2012 at 10:04 pm

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Comic Steven Anderson dies at 49 : News 2012 : Chortle : The UK Comedy Guide

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Circuit comedian Steven Anderson has died unexpectedly in his sleep at the age of 49.

Fellow comics have paid tribute to the TV presenter turned stand-up after the news was made public online

Anderson hosted Top Of The Pops on a couple of occasions in the Nineties, appeared on Casualty and was a ‘confidence coach’ on BBC Two dating show Would Like To Meet, but turned to stand-up in 2007; opening the Portable Comedy Club in London the following year.

Comedian Rob Heeney, who broke the news of his death on Facebook, said Anderson was buried in Stourbridge yesterday.

On the social networking site, fellow comic Kevin Dewsbury wrote: ‘Wtf! I often met up with steven when I came back to London now and again, can’t believe it RIP Steven.’

JoJo Smith said: ‘Oh my goodness. I remember him from back in the Clinic days. He was a terrific guy. Gone far too young!’

And Rich Wilson added: ‘That’s a shock! He was a bit of a scamp but I liked him. RIP Steven.

Anderson was known on the circuit for having a business card designed in the manner of a driving licence.

via Comic Steven Anderson dies at 49 : News 2012 : Chortle : The UK Comedy Guide.

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November 14, 2012 at 5:55 pm

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Explaining the baby panda death – On Parenting – The Washington Post

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Last week, my daughter came home from school talking about the baby panda. The next morning, I turned over the KidsPost to her and her older sister to see more pictures of the National Zoo’s giant pandas. We later called up videos of the pandas on the computer and I dug out the worn old copy of their storybook about a baby panda.

We, like the rest of Washington, couldn’t wait to get a look at the cub ourselves.

Yesterday, I happened to check my e-mail in my daughters’ presence and discovered the sad news that the baby panda had died..

I gasped aloud. My daughter’s asked me why and I instinctively lied.

via Explaining the baby panda death – On Parenting – The Washington Post.

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September 24, 2012 at 9:30 pm

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BBC News – Panda cub dies at Washington’s National Zoo

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A week-old giant panda cub has died at Washington DC’s National Zoo, with the cause of its death not immediately apparent.

Zoo staff were alerted to the cub’s plight after its mother, Mei Xiang, was heard making sounds of distress.

The tiny cub was removed from the panda enclosure but attempts to revive it proved unsuccessful.

The zoo said the cub weighed just under 100g (3.5oz), and that there were no obvious signs of injury or infection.

In a statement, the zoo said: “We are broken-hearted to share that we have lost our little giant panda cub.

via BBC News – Panda cub dies at Washington’s National Zoo.

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September 23, 2012 at 9:22 pm

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